I have two medium sized dogs. Both are huskies - one a short haired 11-year-old and one an 8-month-old puppy who is bigger than the 11-year old already. He is a wooly / plush Siberian with endless amounts of top coat, which he is in the process of blowing (he is shedding like crazy). The latter was the first one who had the great experience of spending a whole day with Lisa, who is super intuitive when it comes to a pup's needs. Our Willow absolutely loved being there... And he looks like a show dog (except that his top coat still needs to come out on most of his back, haunches and belly, but that's going to happen in 2 - 3 weeks...) Either way, Lisa kept us abreast of the situation and was trying her best to get all of the top coat out, but he'll have to go back to finish the job as nature will just do what nature does...I was very pleased with the service, the price, the amount of work Lisa put into our unique dog and her knowledge. Highly recommend this place.,



I have a young mini Schnauzer and brought her to Lisa for a full grooming.  This was a superb experience!  My little dog was calm, relaxed and happy when I came to get her and the cut was perfect - exactly what I wanted and it looked great! There were no nicks or anything, Lisa knows exactly what she's doing technically and offers a comfortable environment for the dogs so they aren't scared. Will definitely bring her back to Lisa next time!