Choose from a variety of treatments depending on your pet’s individual needs.  If you are not sure which treatment is right for your pet, Lisa will be happy to discuss your options. All of our products are non- toxic and organic if available even the cleaning products used in the shop !

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Medicated shampoo  $5.00 added to service fee

Medicated treatment for skin irritations... 

This treatment combines antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial. This treatment will relieve skin irritations due to hot spots, abrasions, dermatitis and other minor skin infections.

Moisturizing Oatmeal Treatment $5.00 added to service fee

Soothing relief for dry, itchy skin....

The nourishing properties of colloidal oatmeal combined with a soap-free formula restores moisture to the coat and skin.

Natural Flea and Tick Treatment $7.00 added to service fee

Non-toxic treatment for fleas and ticks...

A natural and non-toxic alternative to ridding fleas and ticks using a wonderful blend of Valencia Orange Oil and gentle cleansing agents.  This treatment is safe for puppies and kittens.

De-Skunking Bath and Treatment $ 10.00  added to service fee

Skunk odor eliminator....

A safe and non-toxic treatment formulated to help eliminate the skunk odor from your pet. Please note: If your pet was sprayed in the face (nose and mouth areas) the skunk odor will remain noticeable to some degree and may take time for the odor to completely dissipate.

Intensive Coat Conditioning Treatment $ 5.00 added to service fee

Deep conditioning and moisturizing treatment ....

This deep conditioning treatment adds moisture to extra dry skin and coats…making hot oil treatments the thing of the past.  A great detangler that helps prevent the matting of coats!  

Very Berry Facial $5.00 added to service fee

Face brightening tearless facial....

A very popular, relaxing and face brightening tearless Blueberry Facial that provides aroma-therapeutic and deep cleansing effects for dogs and cats!

Mud Bath Treatment $ 10.00 added to service fee

Bring out the shine in your pets coats....

This moisturizing treatment will not only have an effect on your pet’s fur but also skin . Blended with vitamins A, D and E, aloe vera, jojoba oil and deep sea mud, The mud exfoliates your pet's skin and deep cleans while soothing and moisturizing your pet’s skin and coat.The mud in these treatments may help your pet by drawing out the toxins and impurities from the body.                                                                                                                                           

Paw salt scrub and conditioning  $5.00 added to service fee

Dry cracked paw relief....  

Snow and dry desert conditions dry out and crack our dogs paws we offer a salt scrub and paw reconditioning cream treatment to help with reconditioning of the paws .                                                                                                 

Ear Flushing $5.00  added to service fee

Relief for dirty stinky ears....

Some breeds require their ears to be flushed more than others " Cockers" and dogs with heavy ears tend to get ear infections this treatment helps flush out the build up and gives a clean fresh ear . Please ask your vet if she thinks this will help your dog.